JEVATEC - Das Team.

JEVATEC – Who we are.

JEVATEC – This is the JEVATEC GmbH, founded in 1996 by the name “VACOM Steuerungsbau und Service GmbH” in Jena, the leading high-tech-location in Thuringia. In the beginning, the company started business from a backyard garage, located in the east part of town. Today, JEVATEC is known far beyond the borders of Thuringia. In 2000, the company headquarter moved to Jena-Nord, near the federal highway B88 towards the direction of Naumburg/Saale.

According to the science and the high-tech-location Jena, JEVATEC is challenging itself and its 20 employees to achieve high standards in precision and quality, in the field of vacuum technology and the processes around this medium. This is what we stand for with our name – JEnarer VAkuum TECnik (vacuum technology from Jena)

JEVATEC develops and produces vacuum sensors, controllers for vacuum measuring instruments, vacuum pumps and mass flow controllers. The company is not only a specialist in the field of conception and preparation of vacuum instruments with different functions and dimension, rather JEVATEC is also a competent contact for service providers related to the field of the medium vacuum.

JEVATEC offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services for its own instruments and systems, as well as for measurement technologies, components, systems and pumps of other manufacturers of vacuum technology.