For us it’s all about Nothing – Vacuum.

Our strength is our decades-long experience in servicing vacuum systems, which we directly bring to bear when developing our measuring technology and designing our vacuum systems.

We know the advantages of vacuum in industry and research, but also know from first-hand experience that it is not always easy to control this Nothing and to make it visible. But this is exactly what is encouraging us to go on, creating room for new solutions and ideas – Ideas in vacuum technology, leading us towards state-of-the-art products, and making us improve existing devices continuously.

Our experience works to your advantage. 
Our insights will help you to stay one step ahead when using our products and services.

Vacuum measuring technology made by JEVATEC reliably operates worldwide, even though that is not apparent at first sight. Over the last decades we have produced and developed products for various well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the field of vacuum technology. Devices sold more than a hundred times or even a thousand times show the confidence of our clients in our company and our products. What matters in the end is not the label on the product – it’s the technology inside.

For this purpose, we bring concentrated knowledge to bear. Our physicists, engineers and technicians are able to "think inside" your processes. Knowing different industrial sectors and their requirements supports the process of development and provides safety for you as customers and for us as well. We can be described as a team of “old hands“, “young blood“ and “technical lateral thinkers“. Always guided by the objectives, we are creating ingenious solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Solutions that will inspire and amaze you, too! Here, our quality management defines relevant interfaces within our company, as well as with you, our customers.