All or Nothing?

We made a decision for both of it. 

To us, everything is about NothingVacuum.

Let it be your benefit, that we use our experience of the last decades in services for vacuum systems directly for designing our vacuum systems or redesigning your existing systems.

We know the advantages of vacuum in industry and research, but also know that it is not always easy to control this Nothing. But this is exactly what is leading us to new ideas, improved products and novel solutions – ideas in vacuum technology.

JEVATEC is specialized in conception and design of vacuum systems of various functionalities and dimensions.

Vacuum systems Made by JEVATEC under the Label JEVAsys® are reliably operating in industries and research.

We realize your expectations and ideas with our creative solutions.

For this purpose, we bring concentrated knowledge to bear. Our physicists, engineers and technicians are able to "think inside" your processes. Knowing different industrial sectors and their requirements supports the process of development.

With the help of modern 3D-CAD systems detailed modeling of systems can be realized, allowing a customized design und therefore enables the usage of a variety of components. Connecting proven and new controlling concepts on the basis of different micro controllers, bus systems and the SIEMENS SPS S7 with components of vacuum technology as well as vacuum measurement technology guarantees state-of-the-art know-how in our manufactured vacuum systems. In combination with the long-time experience of our engineers and technicians your projects can be realized successfully.